Specifically created for the directors of Paintball Corp, "Black Out" takes paintball into the dark introducing, tracer paintballs, Glow in the dark Grenades, and loads of glow sticks.

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Tickets cost $50

Tickets include; Entry, 150 tracer paintballs, camo cover shirt, gun, gas, mask, 40 round glow charge hopper, and 20 glow sticks.

Additional Glow in the dark paintballs can be bought for; $10 for 50 or $25 for 150, in our experience players should only use around 100-200 shots.

Optional Grenades; $30 filled with glow goo, illuminate your target! 120 Decibels! Trip wires available also for "The Hunt"

Warning Glow fill may bleach some clothing a little, its harder at night and additional awareness of self is required when moving about.

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Game modes
  • Infection, in the post apocalyptic world you are out for yourself and trying to build your team of mindless minions by shooting them with a glow toxin, get everyone onto your team to win.
  • Team V Team death match
  • The hunt, one to two people get a head start and 5 minutes prep, it's elimination, do they survive or you?
  • Attack and defend.