Tag Paintball Takeover

We always had a mind to expand our business, so we struck a deal to take over Tag Paintball. 

Tag Paintball is one of the country's oldest paintball operations and we are very happy to add on to that history. 

You can book at our Outdoor fields here

Booking Policy

  • We run sessions all day, however they are strictly dependant on daylight.
  • Sessions run for two hours, during which you can expect to play between 4 & 6 different games.
  • Minimum group size of 8 players, and we can cater for up to 50.
  • We will look to put groups together in singular bookings (the more people, the more fun), while making sure that groups of adults do not get put with groups of kids. 
  • A full Fledged tag Paintball Website is in the works, please call to find out more, or explore paintballcorp.co.nz to find out more.