Step One 

Find a site

Paintball Corp is situated in the heart of Wellington's CBD in an area that should be 30 stories of luxury apartments. Instead we found a piece of space that had fallen out of love and was starting to be forgotten by Wellington. 

But until someone makes it another skyscraper it's happy being, as Hillary Clinton would put it, "the coolest little paintball field in the world".


Step Two

Rip out walls

As it turns out, offices are far too easy to hold up in and make great fortifications, so they definitely had to go. We spent a great deal of pain, sweat and tears making this place what it is so that you could shoot it to bits, so have fun.


Step 3

Apply Paint

No paintball field is complete without a great custom paintjob. And the best part about painting PaintBall Corp is that it's never done. Come help us keep Wellington colourful.