Richard Renfrew

Chief Executive

Richard started in the paintball industry young, acquiring a collection of guns for him and his friends to use in the back yard. Nearly a decade later, Richard heads one of the country's most popular and fastest growing paintball fields.

Ratu Mataira 

Chief Financial Officer

Ratu has never been content with the way he saw the world, always trying to see opportunity. Having met Richard Renfrew in university, the two would later embark to found PaintBall Corp, a company designed from the ground up to challenge convention and shake up an industry.

The Team

Rogues and vagabonds

At the core of PaintBall Corp are its people. Our staff routinely go beyond the call of duty, putting themselves in harms way for your humour and amusement.

They have put themselves at the top of the industry, and will endeavour to bring you there to, making sure you have an unforgettable experience.