See below for our minimum group sizes per field, per game type. Our minimum numbers ensure games are playable and work within each space. Each field is different, thats why different numbers apply.


Grenada North

  • Private Game: 10 players or more
  • Public Game: 8 players or more


Pomare, Lower Hutt

  • Private Game: 8 players or more
  • Public Game: 5 players or more
  • Public games allow for other groups to join your booking in order to maximise game-play. We do our best to join groups of similar age and experience. 
  • If you book a game with more than 10 players, you can pay a group entry fee of $180 and remove the individual entry fee for every player. This fee must be paid in full at time of booking. Ideal for large functions.
  • Maximum players are 160 for Hostility Creek and 80 for Isolation Hill. If your group is larger than 40, contact us to discuss special arrangements.