Our minimum numbers are calculated to ensure maximum enjoyment. Each field is a unique experience, so different numbers apply.


Grenada North

  • Private Game: 11 players or more
  • Public Game: 8 players or more


Pomare, Lower Hutt

  • Private Game: 11 players or more
  • Public Game: 5 players or more
  • Public games allow other groups to join your booking in order to maximise game-play. We aim to combine groups with similar ages and experience.

  • If you book a game with more than 10 Adult Players or 20 Students*, you can pay a group entry fee of $180, instead of an entry fee per player. This fee must be paid in full at time of booking.

  • Maximum players are 160 for Hostility Creek and 80 for Isolation Hill. If your group is larger than 40, contact us to discuss special arrangements.

*higher numbers required due to our awesome student discount