Isolation Hill

1 Caribbean Drive, Grenada North

Capacity: 80 |   Min Group: See here


Isolation Hill is the most iconic paintball field in Wellington with a vast expanse of playing area spreading over the hilltops of Grenada North. One third of the field is out in the open on the ridges and the rest of the field is our native bush with forest tracks.

This field is ideal for general play and new players as the open area at the top of the field allows for superb visibility of the field. This allows players to get more involved whilst also allowing the more experienced players to run up into the trenches right to the frontline.


We have a ready-room which we use to greet your group before taking you up to the playing field. This area is rough with tables and couches and unfortunately due to being on Council owned reserve land, we cannot provide any plumbed facilities. This means that if you're thinking of having food afterwards, cater for things like plastic cups, drinks, serviettes and hand sanitiser. Also, ensure your group has been to the bathroom before arriving.

Our medic hut

Right at the heart of the field we have an area where you can take a rest between games or watch others shoot meters away from the action.


Getting there


Click the links below to view driving directions via Google Maps

Wellington City to Isolation Hill

Porirua to Isolation Hill

Lower Hutt to Isolation Hill


To plan your journey via Metlink public transport, use this link here and set your destination to Takapu Rd.

**Please note** there is a 30 minute walk from the closest public transport. If public transport is essential to your journey, we recommend playing at our other field, Hostility Creek which is located directly across the road from the  Pomare Train Station. 

private bus hire

Bus hire for up to 50 people is a flat fee of $350. Route is from Wellington City to our Grenada North field (Isolation Hill) and back. POA for other routes. Contact us for enquires.