Central Zone Deaf Rugby fundraiser

Why join us?

Paintball Corp will be donating $20 for every ticket sold to the Central Zone Deaf Rugby Association. We’re keen to help them achieve their 2019 goals, as part of our own goal to help more communities.

The details

Tickets cost $30 per person (including a $20 donation)

Ticket price includes a gun, gas, mask, camo cover shirt and 150 paintballs.

@ 11:00am,
March 2nd
Hostility Creek in Lower Hutt.

Tickets must be purchased for this event. Buy yours here!

Deaf rugby fundraiser

This event is for hearing and non hearing players.

Your ticket includes entry and 150 paintballs,

$20 for every ticket sold will go to fundraising for Central Zone Deaf Rugby Union.

A further $4 for every extra 150 paintballs purchased will also go to the Deaf Rugby union, so you can feel at ease when shooting everyone because you're helping them too.

Be prepared to be with us for 3 hours and ensure you show up 15 minutes prior to the event starting.

Overalls can be rented for $10 a set, but it is recommended that you just wear comfortable outdoor cloth

Our team on site will be able to communicate in NZSL to assist, Please take your cell phone/watch to help in games for timekeeping. Additional resources will be available for the hearing impaired.