Includes ALL DAY entry and 150 paintballs (value $40) for only $25.

Battle it out on our awesome bush field, or test your skills in tournament games! Enjoy a BBQ, and relax for a day of paintball, play casual games all day at your leisure, either in the bush or on our tournament field. Last Game Finishes at 5.45pm

The Tournament Field

This Field offers the Best flexibility, play intensely faced paced games, This field offers a huge adrenalin kick and an awesome competitive atmosphere, some people last time played 30 games on this field alone!

Games vary wildly, from the 1v1 matches that happened, a monsterous 20v20 match, a 4v4v4v4 and an all on all with 10 players, however most groups opted for our standard format of 4v4, which runs really smoothly.

The fast paced games allow teams to be made really easily that suit the groups involved, so you can play with your mates against strangers or do a special game or just jump in on the fun

The Bush field

Enjoy Games rolling all day, our bush field can have loads of people on it at a time, playing best with 10v10, so days like this are sometimes the only opportunities for people to play in these larger games.
We will run games in the bush constantly, play in there for 1, 2 or as many games as you like, most people opt to have a break between bush games and maybe try the tournament field before hand.
Game types will be listed on a whiteboard with their start time next to it so you can choose your favorate game.

Terms and conditions

  • You must aby by any rules given by our crew
  • No drugs or alcohol
  • You may buy tickets for friends but cannot use more than one ticket per person
  • There are no refunds for tickets not used.
  • You must purchase a ticket or call ahead to play, note if you don't buy a ticket you will need to pay standard rates at the door.