Join Paintball Corp's school programme event

Returning after a succesful first event in June


Time? 10:00am – 3pm
Where? Hostility Creek, Pomare
Who? Kids aged 8-10, 10-12, 13-16

Cost? Only $50 for 5 hours!

Drop your kiddes off for 'Painfree' Low Impact Paintball, pizza, fish & chips, 

Drop your Teenagers off for some more serious excursions, and skill training.

Get unlimited paintballs and an entire days schedule of activities all geared towards being an expert paintballer.

Due to high demand we ask that your child only participates in 1 days events.


10.00am Meet and sign ins whilst casual ball games will be held on the field

10.30am Safety briefings begin, no players to arrive past this point.

10.40am Capture the flag begins, other games to be played where appropriate.

11.25am Morning Tea (BYO).

11.30am Training begins,

12.30 Lunch, games held on the field during break

1.15am Design your own game (alternative for kids 8-10 yo.

1.40pm Mini team games start

2.00pm afternoon tea

2.15pm Last games held

2.45pm pack up

3.00pm collection.


What to bring

  • Sturdy footwear
  • lunch and snacks
  • A water bottle
  • spare clothes
  • a towel
  • any medication.


Learn how to handle a paintball marker properly, how to shoot it properly and hit targets more frequently, learn how to run and shoot, learn first shot acuracy, mini games, 1v1s, 2v2s, drills. (alternative activity for 8-10 year olds).

8-10 Year olds

Played on 1st of August

We will focus on game play and exploration

10-12 year olds

Played on the 2nd of August

We will be focussing on raw skills and how to improve their game

13-16 year olds

Played on the 3rd of August

Learn the fundamental skills for playing tournament paintball, relax with casual games and go full on with solo missions.


$10 Body armor 

$10 Upgraded mask 

$5 Pizza lunch and snacks