paintball *is*  team building

Paintball is an extremely popular corporate team building activity because of the combination of teamwork and careful planning. Paintball pits groups of players in competition with each other with the objective of winning, naturally your team will rely on forming great team communication, strategy and trust to win. 

You don’t need to be physically fit; it’s all about working together with your colleagues and accomplishing challenging goals as a team.

Putting your team on the battle field is a fun way to observe how your team is communicating and responding. Identify your teams skills through management, leadership, creative thinking, tactics and plan building. Get out of the office and out of your comfort zone.

your session

You will be with us for 2 hours which includes 30 minutes of preparation and safety. On the field we can offer games suitable for your group tailored to your desired outcome (breaking the ice, team performance, creativity boost etc)


group discounts

Playing paintball consists of two parts; Entry ($20pp) and Paintballs ($20+pp). For groups over 10, we can remove the entry fee for every player and replace with a one off fee of $180. If you bring a group of 11, thats a saving of $20, if you bring 100, thats a saving of $1820. Paintballs are additional.

Call us on 0800 4 PB CORP to discuss options suitable for your group

Team building whiteboard