Our Crew are on field throughout your games and will take you through scenarios they think will suit your group. You can expect to play around 3 games throughout your booking. If you have any preference in game choice just let a staff member know!

King of the Hill

Its lonely at the top, here at Isolation Hill we designed this scenario around that idea. Like any great king you exist to serve your people/team. Lead your team to victory by putting yourself in harms way and proving that there is an I in team. 

King of the Hill is one of our most intensive scenarios. Much like Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Terminator, bullets can not harm you. Dash and dive through the enemies suppressing fire to try and take control of the central objective. Whichever team is able to maintain control for the majority of the 5 minute limit will be crowned Kings of the Hill. 

  • Teams accumulate time while their flag is planted on the hill.

  • The team with the most time at the end of the game wins.

  • Being shot does not mean you are dead.

  • If you have been shot too much and you can't handle it any more, put your hand up and retreat to a safe distance.

  • If you have successfully changed flags, you must retreat to behind your rear-most team member.

  • Screaming "Asta La Vista, Baby" as you charge earns bonus points (optional).

Capture the Flag

What objective could be more simple. Two Teams battle for survival and victory, balance attack and defence as you try to outwit your opponents.

  • Two teams.

  • Players respawn at their respective bases.

  • Each team has a flag at their base that they must defend.

  • A team wins when they capture the other teams flag by collecting it and returning it to their own base.

  • A player who is shot while carrying the flag must drop the flag.

  • A team may not reposition their own flag.

The Spread

Players are scattered around the field as lone wolves or in pairs and every man fends for himself. Shoot enemy players to bring them to your side. Games end with all players on one team. 

  • Once hit, a player is out, however they must go toward the player who hit them.

  • An out player touches the player who hit them and joins their team.

  • Players who are out can't swap teams until they are back in, so do not shoot at them.

  • Players continue to swap teams when hit, regardless of how many times they have swapped

  • Game ends with all players on one team.

This game suits 3-16 players. The intensity is very high from the get go. Players placed in the middle of the field must respond quickly to multiple threats, while players at either end must be aggressive to avoid being overwhelmed later on in the game. Infection is one of our favorite game types and is highly recommended.


Not so much a scenario as a firing squad. In your typical firing squad the target dies, as paintballs are non lethal we give our target the chance to run away. One to three players make a daring run for freedom across the ridge of the field toward safety and respite from the Gauntlet.

  • 1-3 players (runners) start at the back of the field.

  • The Shooters spread out against one side of the ridge.

  • Shooters cannot move from their positions and/or give chase.

  • The runner/s must run through across the ridge of the field.

  • As soon as a runner starts the other players may fire as much as they like, from their position.

Gauntlet is only recommended for those groups with a special someone. Be that special person; a stag, hen, birthday-boy or just someone who thinks they are tough. The game suits 6+ people, the more people the harder it is and we recommend compensating by having more players as runners. Often we will put players who complete the gauntlet as defenders for a game of Outlast for some retaliatory fun.


Ridgeline is similar to capture the flag, except there is no flag and no capturing. Instead teams fight to break their opponents defensive Line.

  • When you are hit you are out, raise your hand and retreat to your base.

  • Do not knowingly shoot at players who designate themselves out.

  • Once you reach your base, touch it, you are back in and can return to the front line.

  • Break your opponents defensive line to win the game, without getting shot of course.

This game is suitable for anywhere between 6-20 people. Its intensity level is very dependent on the players, making it the perfect game to warm up on and then revisit when you are really in the swing of things. 


Outlast pits a small team of survivors against a horde of attacking players 

  • Attackers once hit must retreat to their starting wall before joining again.

  • Attackers touch their starting wall to get back in the game.

  • Defenders are mere mortals and once hit are out for the rest of the game.

  • Attackers win by touching the back wall of the field.

  • Defenders win when the time limit of 4min runs out.

This game is suitable for groups between 8-20, winning requires a relatively high level of intensity. We use this game type to give more timid players a chance to be in the limelight.