Paintball Corp Sponsorship


To increase the number of regular competitive paintball players in the Wellington region.

Perks of Sponsorship:

  • No entry fees for the duration of your sponsorship

  • 1000 paintballs per month to use in training

  • A nest egg for tournament attendance.

Terms and Conditions

Rules of Play:

Players must conduct themselves in a friendly manner and follow all rules of play. For non competitive games this will mean:

  • No overshooting

  • Hits from unbroken paintballs must be considered hits.

  • All players will follow rules as laid out before each game.

General Conduct:

As a brand ambassador of Paintball Corp, you must treat all players with kindness and compassion. You must also advocate speedball games by inviting in new and hesitant players and structuring game play so they do not feel overwhelmed. You will actively oversee games of other groups and encourage them to play with us regularly.


You are welcome to use your own equipment on the speedball field, providing that it adheres to our safety requirements. If you do not have your own equipment, you may hire ours under the following conditions:

  • You must pay a $14 rental fee per each day of use, which will go into Paintball Corp’s tournament equipment acquisition budget.

  • You must learn how to maintain and repair the equipment, ensuring it is in optimal condition for the next user, regardless of its initial condition.

  • In the event that you break the equipment, you must pay to either repair or replace it with equipment of an equal or better standard.

Your Responsibilities:


  • You must make an automatic/direct debit payment of $14 to Paintball Corp weekly. This fee will be set aside to cover some tournament fees for our sponsored team. Fees will be put aside to cover some tournament fees for our sponsored team.

  • You will have no personal entitlement to fees once they have been paid.

  • In the event of the team’s dissolution, the tournament fund will be absorbed into Paintball Corp’s other accounts

Time Commitment:

  • You must attend the two training days scheduled each month. Trainings will be held on either a Saturday or Sunday, depending on scheduling.

  • You must attend two designated two day tournaments each season, for which you may need to sort your own accomodation and travel. Paintball Corp will attemt to arrange bedsits where possible.

  • You must arrive early, well-rested and ready each training and tournament day.

Training Days:

  1. (up to 2 hours) Tournament field set up for day’s use.

  2. (up to 15 mins) Equipment set up.

  3. (20 mins) Drills and skills.

  4. (10 mins) Water Break.

  5. (30 mins) Mini games/drills.

  6. (15 Mins) Kai break.

  7. (45 mins) Full games.

  8. (45 mins) Field clean up

  9. (1 hour 15 mins) Tournament field pack down.

The whole day will take around 6 hours of your time, although this depends on the speed at which the field can be set up and packed down.The above is merely an indicator of a typical training day. Training days may vary in structure, but not normally length.

Start times may vary, but will normally be between 9.00am and 10.00am.


  • Players must attend all structured events and trainings

  • Failure to attend will result in a withdrawal of sponsorship..

  • In case of an emergency, you may invite a substitute player to take your place during training., All substitutes must follow the code of conduct outlined above.

Training Day Guests:

As our primary goal is to grow our player base, we encourage all our players to invite their friends to training days.

  • Guests must pay a $20 entry fee, and $20/$70 per bag/box of paintballs. This is an exclusive rate available only to your VIP guests. Other participants must pay standard retail rates.

  • Guests will be provided with a basic mechanical gun, mask, and HPA tank.

  • For each guest you bring Paintball Corp will add another 500 paintballs to the teams shooting budget.

  • Guests will not be required to set up or pack down

  • You must notify us with the number of guests you will bring at least 48 hours prior to the event.

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