Paintball Corp is going dark, midnight dark.

We want to bring back the chaos that is nighttime paintball. Bookings are by event ticket sales only, events are limited, sign up to our blackout newsletter for more. Games will run slightly differently and prices are different too.

  • Tickets are $50 which include: Entry, 150 tracer paintballs, camo cover shirt, gun, gas, mask, and a 40 round glow charge hopper.
  • Additional paintballs are $13 per 50 or $30 per 150, but don't expect to shoot many as your targets are hidden and your hopper only holds 40.
  • Grenades; $30 filled with glow goo, illuminate your target! 120 decibels!

Warning: Glow fill may bleach some clothing a little, its harder at night and additional awareness of self is required when moving about.