From April 1st to September 31st, Paintball Corp offers BLACKOUT GAMES. These games are played in the dark after sunset, by the light of glowsticks. Only one game slot available per night (Mon-Sun), so get in quick!

Blackout games are only available at our Isolation Hill field.

  • $50 per person, with a minimum of 8 players.
  • Price includes: entry, 150 paintballs,  covershirt, gun, gas and mask. Additional paintballs are $13 for 50 or $30 for 150.
  • Start-time 30 minutes prior to sunset. Timing will be confirmed once game is booked. 
  • Illuminate your target with glow-in-the-dark goo from our grenades. $30 each.

Warning: Be prepared for an intense session! Visibility at night is limited, and extra care is essential. Glow fill may bleach some clothing.