Play paintball all day for only $15 and support a local charity!

Your ticket includes; gun gas mask, all day access to our playing fields and 150 paintballs.

Follow this link to buy your tickets.

on the day

  • From all on all survival, to charity vs. charity, to small group matches - the $15 Day has it all!

  • Use our tournament field for fast-paced 1v1s, 6v6s, all v alls - go wild! It’s a great way to blow off steam in-between the large bush games.

  • Get an extra 150 paintballs top up for only $15 (normally $20)

  • Enjoy a BBQ hosted by one of our charities - $2 a sausage, making it easy to keep your team fed.

  • Choose which games you want to play from our timetable - take breaks as and when you need, or go hard the whole day long!

  • Free electric marker upgrades when playing on our tournament field.



How this works:

  • Reserve a number of tickets you guarantee to sell - either 10 or 20

    • Guarantee 10 tickets, Earn $4 per ticket for every ticket you sell

    • Guarantee 20 tickets, Earn $6 per ticket you sell.

  • 30% of all further profit is split between the charities based on their percentage of players. The more players you bring to the field, the more you raise!

  • Organise a BBQ or Sausage Sizzle for the day and maximize your fundraising! (only 1 available)

For further information, please contact us.