Paintball Corp is proud to help schools, groups, charities, and businesses meet and exceed their fundraising targets. Whether you’re sending a team overseas for an international competition, fundraising for a school camp, or raising money for a worthy cause, Paintball Corp is in!

We have a range of options available, depending on the number of players you expect, how much you need to raise, and what your community can afford.

Why paintball Corp?

Paintball is an inclusive activity that brings people together. In choosing us, you’ll be focusing not only on fundraising, but teamwork, team building and FUN. We go above and beyond for our customers, and are happy to offer advice and support throughout the process. With over 30 years combined experience, your event with us will be a guaranteed success.

how does a fundraising game work?

You choose the cost of the tickets for your group. We then deduct our costs from the ticket sales and give you the profit. It’s that simple!

We’ll provide you with a cost-analysis table that balances the number of players against the price of tickets. You can tailor your ticket prices to fit your needs. You know your community best - how many will turn up, how much they can afford - so this is all up to you!

Once the event is confirmed, you will be sent a link to distribute to players so they can buy their tickets online. They have until a week before the event to purchase tickets at your chosen price, after which the price of tickets increases by $5.

On the day, we have a BBQ available for use, either to raise more money, or to provide some well-earned kai.

So what are you waiting for? Come battle with the best and fundraise with us!

Terms and conditions

  • You must be fundraising for a charitable purpose.

  • You must meet our minimum group sizes.

  • You must book your charitable event at a minimum of three weeks prior to your event. Please note that tickets will go up in price by $5 the week of your event.

  • Players who buy tickets on the day will be charged normal rates.

  • You must pay a fully refundable $50 deposit to confirm your spot. This deposit will be refunded immediately after the event.

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